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Meet Kristi Miller
Kristi Miller, M.A., CAPI, MFTI, and founder of Solutions in Parenting, is a certified Parent Educator, Parenting Consultant and Marriage and Family Therapist Intern. Kristi offers a distinctive form of parent education, coupled with hands-on training for parents and their families. For more than a decade, Kristi has been dedicated to a specialized form of parent education she developed which honors and encourages parents and helps them define and maintain their own personal styles. This, in turn, allows children to thrive in a loving and collaborative environment.

Because Kristi is trained as a Family Therapist, she has a keen ability to figure out a family’s system and help them target their primary issues with gentle and honest accuracy. After a decade of guiding and teaching, Kristi’s experience helping families has produced breakthrough results.

Kristi is also trained to assist families in need of family, divorce and parenting dispute resolution. She is trained as a Mediator, and specializes in helping families, both divorcing and married, resolve their disputes using bond-strengthening® communication skills and her solution-based conflict resolution methods. She maintains neutrality, while allowing each participant to find a solution to meet everybody’s needs. If children are involved, she guides parents how to support children through divorce, helps construct realistic parenting plans, and assists parents to develop helpful and thorough co-parenting agreements. 

As a California Certified Level I and Level II Child Visitation Monitor, Kristi is able to provide both supervised and therapeutic visitation services for families in need of guided and monitored re-connection between a parent and child. Whether the family has been court-ordered or privately motivated, Kristi honors each family’s unique needs and dedicates her expertise to keeping the children safe and providing dynamic parenting education and support for each parent involved.


Kristi gives perspective on becoming aware of yourself as a parent. With her, you'll learn how to raise your children without yelling, spanking, or threatening

"My wife and I feel like we have re-connected with our teenaged son in a deeper and more meaningful way. He actually listens to us and follows through with his committments. He's laughing with us again. Thanks for the help during our transitions. We couldn't have done it without you." ~ Jack P.