Visitation Services
At Solutions in Parenting, we provide specialized supervision and exchange services for families in Santa Barbara County. A Visitation Provider is a neutral third party who monitors contact between a noncustodial parent and one or more children. The services may be court ordered, or referred by other professionals such as mediators, attorneys, Child Protective Services, or mental health providers.

Our commitment is based upon our belief that children can recover from trauma or deep emotional pain if they have a safe, reliable and consistent relationships. Because we are experts in parenting and child development, as well as trained visitation specialists, we can provide in-depth education and guidance to our clients, while maintaining solid emotional and physical safety of all children involved. 

Reasons for referrals for supervised visitation of the noncustodial parent may include:

•     A need for improved parenting skills

•     Drug and/or alcohol issues

•     Past instances of abusive or experiences anger management issues

•     Need for re-introduction after long parent-child separations

•     Past inappropriate sexual interactions or behavior with the child

•     Child requested and granted monitored visits with the non-custodial parent

•     Issues with mental illness

•     Possible risk for child abduction     

We offer different types of visitation services, Professional or Therapeutic Child Visitation Services as well as Monitored Exchange Services to help families who have experienced a life event which has compromised the safety and/or connection between a parent and the child/children.

Professional Child Visitation
A Professional Child Visitation Provider is any person paid for providing supervised visitation services and meets the qualifications of the
California Uniform Standards of Practice.

Services can include:

•   Supervised visitations either at the child's residence, the approved residence of the noncustodial parent, or the neutral and approved locations in the community

•   Reports for attorneys, parents and/or courts

•   Applications, intakes and records maintenance

•   Custody exchange monitoring

•   Telephone or video monitoring

•   Discreet, high-profile monitoring

Prices for services vary. Please call for fee schedules.

Monitored Exchange Services
Monitored Exchange Services ensure positive, consistent, and safe environments for high-conflict parents to successfully exchange children for visitation while avoiding face-to-face contact with each other. A Monitored Exchange allows one parent to bring the child to a neutral location and then the other parent will either meet with the child on-site or will take the child and return him/her when the pre-arranged visit time is over. All visits are staggered by 15 minutes to ensure separate drop-off and pick-up times.

Reasons for Monitored Exchanges:

•     The custodial parent fails to bring the child/children to exchanges

•     Consistent tardiness regarding exchanges

•     The noncustodial parent fails to attend exchanges

•     Unauthorized people other than the parents attend exchanges

•     Parent fail to bring medications or important belongings (such as car seats) to exchanges

•     Parents arrive for the exchange under the influence of drugs or alcohol

•     There is a history of violence between parents

Prices for services vary. Please call for fee schedules.

Solutions in Parenting’s Supervised Child Visitation Monitor’s Qualifications:

•     Certificate of completion of the California Supervised Child Visitations Monitor Training Levels I and II

•     Completion of the Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Laws Training Penal Code Section 11166 and per section 11165.15.

•     Compliance with the 2012 California Rules of Court for Professional Child Visitation Providers Penal Code 11165.7(a)(30).

•     Registered TrustLine Provider

•     Member of Supervised Visitation Network         

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